有萬用的手沖咖啡比例嗎 Is There a Universal Ratio for Pour-over Coffee?



1. 手沖咖啡比例
2. 粉水比實測
3. 番外篇



The ratio for pour-over coffee, which refers to the proportion of coffee grounds to water, affects the coffee's "strength." For example, using 20 grams of coffee grounds and 300 grams of water creates a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:15. Is there a definitive "golden ratio" for a great-tasting brew? Actually, there isn't a set standard because everyone has different preferences when it comes to coffee strength. Your golden ratio is the one that suits your desired strength. That said, many people use a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:15.



Comparing coffee-to-water ratios of 1:12 and 1:15, a 1:12 ratio will yield a stronger brew. For example, using 20g of coffee grounds and 240g of water will result in a stronger cup compared to using 300g of water. As the coffee-to-water ratio increases, the brew becomes milder, allowing you to adjust it according to your taste preference.



以賈老闆最近偏愛的豆子為例,這支豆子花香入鼻伴隨櫻桃與百香果、尾韻紅茶與柑橘香甜、有著乾淨明亮的口感,「衣索比亞 藝妓村 夏瓦吉巴布區 藝妓 紅標 水洗」,官網的風味描述: 花香 櫻桃 柑橘 百香果 熱帶水果 尾韻红茶香 乾淨明亮。

Taking the recently favored coffee bean of Justin as an example, the "Ethiopia Geisha Village Shewaguba Red Label Washed" is known for its floral aroma with hints of cherry and passion fruit, a sweet and bright finish with a hint of red tea and citrus notes. The official flavor profile on the website is described as: floral, cherry, citrus, passion fruit, tropical fruit, red tea, clean and bright.


風味: 濃郁花香 迷人的櫻桃香 熱帶水果 
餘韻: 熱帶水果與厚紅茶 餘韻後段出現花香 回甘生津紅茶香甜
酸質: 櫻桃酸質 熱帶水果酸
甜感: 櫻桃甜
醇厚: Body厚實飽滿

1:12 Coffee-to-Water Ratio

20g of coffee grounds, 240g of 87°C hot water, brew time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, yields 200g of coffee liquid.

Flavor: Intense floral aroma, enticing cherry notes, tropical fruit.

Finish: Tropical fruit with robust red tea, followed by floral notes, a sweet and refreshing finish with red tea sweetness.

Acidity: Cherry acidity, tropical fruit acidity.

Sweetness: Cherry sweetness.

Body: Mellow and full-bodied.


風味: 花香 柑橘為主調 伴隨櫻桃
餘韻: 百香果 熟果帶紅茶 回甘生津紅茶香
酸質: 柑橘與果酸明亮集中
甜感: 水果甜
醇厚: 滑順口感適中

1:15 Coffee-to-Water Ratio

20g of coffee grounds, 300g of 87°C hot water, brew time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, yields 260g of coffee liquid.

Flavor: Floral aroma with prominent citrus notes, accompanied by cherry.

Finish: Passion fruit, ripe fruit with red tea, sweet and refreshing finish.

Acidity: Bright and concentrated citrus and fruit acidity.

Sweetness: Fruity sweetness.

Body: Smooth with moderate thickness.


風味: 花香 百香果為主調 紅茶
餘韻: 淡雅红茶香
酸質: 柔順柑橘酸
甜感: 紅茶甘甜
醇厚: 滑順

1:18 Coffee-to-Water Ratio

20g of coffee grounds, 360g of 87°C hot water, brew time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, yields 315g of coffee liquid.

Flavor: Floral aroma with predominant passion fruit and red tea notes.

Finish: Delicate red tea aroma.

Acidity: Gentle citrus acidity.

Sweetness: Sweet red tea.

Body: Smooth.



Regarding water measurement, there are two common methods. One calculates based on the "amount of water poured," and the other calculates based on the "amount of coffee liquid that flows into the lower vessel." For example, for a 1:15 ratio, where 300g of water is poured over 20g of coffee grounds, the final coffee liquid amount won't be exactly 300g because some water is absorbed by the coffee grounds. You'd typically obtain around 260g of coffee liquid, so to get 300g of coffee liquid, you'd need to pour approximately 340g of water. Both methods are used, so when discussing ratios, it's a good idea to confirm which version is being referred to.



As an extra note, there's a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:13 that was unintentionally used, somewhere between 1:12 and 1:15. It resulted from Justin mistakenly adding 15g of water when brewing using a 1:12 ratio. This ratio yielded a cup that was somewhere in between, with a full flavor, strong finish, moderate acidity, noticeable sweetness, and good body. It's fascinating how just a 1g adjustment to the ratio can result in a unique flavor.



After trying these various coffee-to-water ratios, it seems that Justin would likely enjoy a 1:12 ratio on his own. What's your preferred coffee-to-water ratio? Find your perfect ratio.



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