有那種輕鬆沖都好喝的咖啡嗎 Are There Coffee Beans Easy to Brew Good Coffee?



A customer once said that Justin Coffee is amazing. The same coffee bean, whether you accidentally under-extract or over-extract, has different flavors, sometimes mellow and sweet, sometimes unrestrained aroma, as long as it is within the standard brewing data range, you can freely change and adjust. Pour-over coffee can bring you a sense of accomplishment. Is it really that magical?



How do you define a good cup of coffee? It may have various aromas and flavors, good balance between sweet and acidity, and taste sensation in the mouth after drinking. For the coffee industry, good coffee is the coffee cherries grown in the best quality environment and picked in a mature state. The natural flavor is brought out by the green bean processing method, and then the coffee is extracted in the most suitable way according to the most suitable roasting degree to make a great cup of coffee.


好喝的咖啡在上述流程缺一不可,目的都為了展現咖啡所蘊含的風味。所以JC咖啡以國際規格CQI Q Grader杯測師的嚴謹方式來品管咖啡,從生豆採購、專業烘焙、製作包裝、萃取品飲等。

The above process is indispensable for good coffee, and the purpose is to show the flavor contained in coffee. Therefore, Justin Coffee manages the coffee in the rigorous way of the international standard CQI Q Grader, from the procurement of green beans, professional roasting, production and packaging, extraction and cupping.


Roasting Ideas and Key Points of Justin coffee



In roasting, every roaster has a flavor blueprint in their heart. The owner of Justin Coffee has accumulated 5,000 pot roasting experience, records the roasting curve and value in the computer, and adjusts to bring out the different flavors of each bean, and each flavor is also roastable. Width, strength and persistence, how to set the tone in the roasting degree requires countless roasting experiments. For example, maybe the fermented fruit flavor that I like this time only brings out a little, but it is accompanied by a sense of stimulation. Next time, adjust the roasting temperature and time to strengthen the fermented fruit flavor and soften the sense of stimulation.



Roasting is not only about temperature and time, but there are many things to consider, such as the strength of heat energy, wind pressure, boiler speed, green bean volume, bean body changes, smell changes, moisture content changes, etc. At different times, there are different tasting results. It is necessary to roast and taste again and again, and find out the direction of the next adjustment, and roast and taste again to check whether the adjustment method is in line with expectations.



It is our commitment to bring out the natural and rich variety of unique flavors and sweet tastes in coffee, present the best flavor blueprint in the mind of the roaster, and make the brewed coffee mellow and full. We love to share this joyful moment with coffee people!



The picture below shows the brewing parameters. By mastering the basic parameters, you can also freely change within the allowable range, so that each pour-over coffee is full of expectations for the flavors.


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✔ 堅持新鮮烘焙 ✔ 堅持篩豆 再烘焙 ✔ 堅持使用莊園咖啡
➤ 專業烘焙帶出咖啡多元又豐沛的個性
➤ CQI Q Grader咖啡品質鑑定師,親自杯測品鑑,為您把關每一杯咖啡
➤ 單一莊園咖啡 具風味、層次佳

Stick to fresh roasting Stick to sieving and roasting Stick to estate coffee
Professional roasting brings out the diverse and rich personality of coffee
CQI Q Grader coffee quality appraisers, personally cupping and evaluate, check every cup of coffee for you
Single-origin coffee with good flavor and structures