認識咖啡競標賽最高殿堂-最佳巴拿馬(BOP) Introducing the Pinnacle of Coffee Auctions - Best of Panama (BOP)

最佳巴拿馬(BOP - Best of Panama)咖啡競標賽,2023年的標王(水洗藝妓組GW-01)突破往年,以天價每公斤10,005元美金結標(折算台幣約32萬),換算一杯咖啡熟豆20克的競標成本就要將近8千元台幣!BOP競標賽是什麼?到底多迷人~

The Best of Panama (BOP) coffee auction, which just concluded at the end of August, saw a record-breaking winning bid for the Geisha Washed Lot GW-01. This year's winning bid reached an astonishing USD $10,005 per kilogram (equivalent to approximately NTD 320,000), making it nearly NTD 8,000 for a 20g portion of roasted coffee beans! What exactly is the BOP auction, and why is it so captivating?


BOP競賽(Best of Panama)最佳巴拿馬競標賽,是世界上最知名的咖啡產地競標賽,1996年創辦第一屆巴拿馬生豆競標賽至今,2023年8月30日剛舉辦完第27屆BOP。建立一個提升巴拿馬咖啡農作者的平台,提升精品咖啡的高品質,是巴拿馬精品咖啡協會建立宗旨。參與競賽的莊園主可提交不同品種、處理法的批次生豆,以參加不同組別的競賽,由大會統一包裝、二次編碼、烘焙後,由至少7位以上的國內評審及7位國際評審進行兩輪評分,最終達到分數要求的方能參加全球競標。這個競賽只有在巴拿馬這個國家單獨進行,巴拿馬也沒有加入COE競賽,可能巴拿馬是世界上最好的藝妓咖啡出產地,所以採用自己的競賽競標系統。

The Best of Panama (BOP) Auction is the world's most renowned coffee origin auction. It was first established in 1996 as the Panama Coffee Auction, and it just completed its 27th edition on August 30, 2023. The primary purpose of this auction is to create a platform that elevates the profiles of Panamanian coffee growers and enhances the quality of specialty coffee. Farms participating in the competition can submit batches of green coffee beans of different varieties and processing methods to compete in various categories. After packaging and secondary coding by the organizers, the coffee is roasted, evaluated through two rounds of judging, with at least seven national judges and seven international judges. Only the lots meeting the score requirements are eligible for the global auction. It's worth noting that this competition is unique to Panama and is not affiliated with the Cup of Excellence (COE) competition. Perhaps this is because Panama is renowned as one of the world's premier regions for Geisha coffee, and it has chosen to utilize its own auction system for showcasing its exceptional coffee offerings.


2023年共有50個競標批次,分三大組 :

In 2023, there were a total of 50 auction lots divided into three main categories:


水洗藝妓組(Washed Geisha) 18個批次
冠軍是「卡門莊園(Carmen Estates)」獲得最高分96.5分,競標價美金$10,005/kg

Washed Geisha Category - 18 lots

The champion was "Carmen Estates" with the highest score of 96.5 points, sold at US $10,005 per kg.

The final lot in this category also scored 92.25 points and was auctioned at US $374 per kg.


日曬藝妓組(Natural Geisha) 18個批次
冠軍是「托圖馬斯山咖啡(Mount Totumas Coffee)」獲得96.25分,競標價美金$2,504/kg

Natural Geisha Category - 18 lots

The champion was "Mount Totumas Coffee" with a score of 96.25 points, sold at US $2,504 per kg.

The final lot in this category scored 92 points and was auctioned at US $408 per kg.


其他品種組(Varietals) 14個批次
冠軍是「瓜魯莫咖啡農場(Guarumo Coffee Farm)」的「Chicho Gallo品種」獲得92.38分,競標價美金$412/kg

Varietals Category - 14 lots

The champion was "Guarumo Coffee Farm" with the "Chicho Gallo variety" scoring 92.38 points, sold at $412 per kg.

The final lot in this category scored 89.13 points and was auctioned at $90 per kg.


- 2004年, 巴拿馬翡翠莊園(Hacienda La Esmerelda)在當年的國際拍賣會上以美金$21/磅(美金$46.3/kg)的價格出售藝妓,當時是咖啡史上最高價格的世界紀錄。
- 巴拿馬的Ninety Plus公司在2019年自己的拍賣會上以美金$10,000/kg的價格出售了一批未公開的微型批次。
- 2022年Lamastus Family Estates拍賣會上,艾莉達莊園(Elida Estate)生產的蜜處理藝妓(Honey Geisha)以令人難以置信的美金$6,034/磅的價格售出。這相當於超過美金$12,068/kg,這是迄今為止世界上最昂貴的咖啡。

Geisha Coffee Auction Records:

- In 2004, Hacienda La Esmerelda in Panama set a world record by selling Geisha coffee at an international auction for US $21 per pound ($46.3 per kg), marking the highest price in coffee history at that time.

- In 2019, Panama's Ninety Plus company held its auction and sold an undisclosed micro-lot of Geisha coffee for US $10,000 per kg.

- In 2022, at the Lamastus Family Estates auction, a Honey Geisha from Elida Estate was sold at an astonishing price of US $6,034 per pound, equivalent to over US $12,068 per kg. This stands as the world's most expensive coffee to date.


JC咖啡目前架上正在銷售的巴拿馬競標BOP常勝莊園藝妓豆 :
巴拿馬 卡門莊園 藝妓 日曬
巴拿馬 翡翠莊園 綠標 私藏精選 Jaramillo 藝妓
巴拿馬 蕾莉達莊園 Ronella地塊 藝妓 水洗
巴拿馬 極光莊園 藝妓 水洗/日曬

Justin Coffee currently has the following Panama BOP-winning Geisha beans for sale:

Panama Carmen Estates Geisha Natural

Panama La Esmerelda Green Label Private Selection Jaramillo Geisha

Panama Boquete Lerida Estate Ronella Geisha Washed

Panama Finca la Aurora Geisha Washed/Natural



In recent years, it has become increasingly common for buyers to bid astounding prices at coffee auctions, especially for Panama Geisha coffee. Geisha coffee is often considered the finest coffee beans for specialty coffee, known for its exquisite quality when grown in high-altitude regions and its delicate and rich flavor characteristics. You can also try Geisha coffee from Panama at home!


資料來源參考自: 最佳巴拿馬線上競標

Data source reference: Best of Panama Online Auction





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