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What grade is that cup of coffee in your hand? Even from the most top estate, the coffee will have differences in quality. In order to live up to the reputation of the Geisha Village, a strict grading system has been implemented inside the Geisha Village, so that the coffee lovers can choose different grades of beans according to the flavor pursuit in their hearts.


在衣索比亞藝妓村(Gesha Village),在種植和後製處理的每一步都追求不妥協的高品質,每一批次都具有濃郁的花香和果香、具代表性的咖啡風味元素等,並分級標示。通過嚴格的杯測過程精心挑選各批次的咖啡,按照精品咖啡協會的官方協議來杯測評估,再以藝妓村的分級分批次提供給全球買家。從極其高端稀世珍品到完全可追溯的單一溯源,分級分類如下
In Gesha Village, Ethiopia, uncompromising high quality is pursued in every step of planting and post-processing. Each batch has strong floral and fruity aromas, representative coffee flavor elements etc., also graded and marked. Each batch of coffee is carefully selected through a strict cupping process, cupped and evaluated in accordance with the official agreement of the Specialty Coffee Association, and then provided to global buyers in batches according to the grading of the Geisha Village. From extremely high-end rare treasures to fully traceable single traceability, the classification is as follows:


Grade classification:


金標:稀世珍品 RARITIES


Gold Label: RARITIES - Rare and Precious

The gold standard grade coffee beans in Geisha Village account for only 10% of the total production of the manor, and the quantity is quite rare. The bidding batches in the manor are also selected from this category. It has top flavor characteristics, clear and long-lasting aroma, and fine texture. It is the first choice to be used for international coffee tournament.




Red Label: GROWERS RESERVE - privately owned by the village head

The red label batch only accounts for 15% of the manor, has excellent flavor and quality, and scores above 88 points in the SCA cupping table.




The batches come from a single production area in Geisha Village, and each batch in the production area has complete traceability information, including the farm block name, coffee variety, and date of processing.


藝妓村位於衣索比亞的Bench-Maji區,總面積471公頃,植栽面積占320公頃,海拔高度範圍自1909公尺至2069公尺,保育區佔27%,依據氣候及品種共劃分為八個地塊(Bangi / Shaya / Oma / Shewa-Jibabu / Dimma / Gaylee / Narsha / Surma)。Bench-Maji區位於衣索比亞西南方,為衣索比亞兩大主要原始森林咖啡之一。原始森林裡的咖啡樹種植於樹蔭下,自然遮蔭法和間作的方式發展,達到環境生態的永續經營。

The Geisha Village is located in the Bench-Maji district of Ethiopia, with a total area of 471 hectares, of which 320 hectares are planted. The altitude ranges from 1909 meters to 2069 meters, and 27% is the conservation area. It is divided according to climate and variety. There are eight plots (Bangi / Shaya / Oma / Shewa-Jibabu / Dimma / Gaylee / Narsha / Surma). The Bench-Maji area is located in the southwest of Ethiopia and is one of the two major primary forest coffees in Ethiopia. The coffee trees in the forest are planted under the shade of the trees, and the natural shading method and intercropping are developed to achieve sustainable management of the environment and ecology.



Geisha Village aims to be the best and most environmentally conscious coffee farm in Ethiopia, with an uncompromising commitment to quality at every step of the growing and processing process, and dedication to its employees and customers. Seeking to connect the world with Ethiopia and reveal all of its beauty in a perfect cup of coffee.




✔ 堅持新鮮烘焙 ✔ 堅持篩豆 再烘焙 ✔ 堅持使用莊園咖啡
➤ 專業烘焙帶出咖啡多元又豐沛的個性
➤ CQI Q Grader咖啡品質鑑定師,親自杯測品鑑,為您把關每一杯咖啡
➤ 單一莊園咖啡 具風味、層次佳

Stick to fresh roasting Stick to sieving and roasting Stick to estate coffee
Professional roasting brings out the diverse and rich personality of coffee
CQI Q Grader coffee quality appraisers, personally cupping and evaluate, check every cup of coffee for you
Single-origin coffee with good flavor and structures