Kaffa 咖啡古字 Kaffa - The Ancient Word for Coffee

Kaffa 是「咖啡」(Coffee)這個詞的起源。根據古老國家Abyssinia的蓋拉族語,也就是現在的衣索比亞(Ethiopia)的古老語言,咖啡樹的發音為「Kafa」,「Ka」意指上帝,「Afa」意指大地的植物,所以合起來的「kaffa」即指「上帝之樹」。

Kaffa is the origin of the word "coffee." According to the ancient language of the Galla people in Abyssinia, which is present-day Ethiopia, the pronunciation for the coffee tree is "Kafa." "Ka" refers to God, and "Afa" refers to a plant from the earth. Therefore, "kaffa" translates to "God's plant" or "tree of God."



Kaffa is also an ancient place name, referring to the forested region near present-day Bonga in Ethiopia. It is considered the birthplace of Arabica coffee. Plant breeders estimate that there are at least 2,000 different Arabica coffee varieties waiting to be discovered in this region.




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