聊咖啡?送您十個咖啡話題懶人包 Talking About Coffee? Ten Coffee Conversation Starters for You

During the annual Lunar New Year reunion with family and friends, coffee always plays an indispensable role. Whether you are a coffee enthusiast or a beginner, we have prepared ten coffee topics for you to become the coffee expert at gatherings!


1. 咖啡豆的選擇:

1. Coffee Bean Selection:

Do you have a preference for single-origin coffee beans, or do you enjoy exploring beans from different origins and flavors? Specialty coffee emphasizes single-origin beans, with many Taiwanese people favoring Ethiopian coffee beans. The relationship between bean processing methods and flavors, such as the fruity notes of the natural processing method, is often discussed.


2. 手沖濾杯的選擇:

2. Choosing a Pour-Over Filter:

What type of pour-over filter do you use? Do you prefer the V60, T-shaped filter, Clever Dripper, or another type? Is there a specific reason you chose this filter? Many people opt for the V60 filter due to its fast flow rate, but it also allows for adjusting grind size and pour-over pace to slow down the flow rate. The T-shaped filter tends to have a slower flow rate, making it challenging to speed up.


3. 磨豆的重要性:

3. Importance of Grinding:

For pour-over coffee, grind size has a significant impact on flavor. How do you adjust the grinder settings to achieve the desired flavor? The recommended grind size is typically similar to that of granulated sugar. Coarsening the grind reduces extraction rate, while fining it increases extraction rate. Uniform grinding ensures consistent flavor extraction.


4. 沖煮時間和溫度:

4. Brew Time and Temperature:

How do you control brew time and water temperature during the pour-over process? Generally, pour-over drip time is kept around 2 minutes and 30 seconds, including a 30-second blooming period. It's easier to adjust pour-over rhythm after ensuring even water distribution. The recommended pour-over water temperature ranges from 85 to 95℃, with 90℃ being the most commonly used. Lowering the temperature reduces extraction rate, while raising it increases extraction rate.


5. 喜好的咖啡風味:

5. Preferred Coffee Flavors:

What kind of coffee flavors do you enjoy? Floral, fruity, chocolaty, or winey? Coffee flavors vary depending on factors such as origin, bean variety, and processing method. The most common flavor profiles include fruity and nutty notes, while more distinctive coffees may feature floral or winey aromas. Typically, the intensity and quality of coffee flavors correlate with price.


6. 咖啡杯的選擇:

6. Choice of Coffee Cups:

Do you have a favorite type or shape of coffee cup, and do you think it affects the taste? Narrow-mouthed cups concentrate the coffee's flavors, enhancing their perception, while wide-mouthed cups allow the coffee to flow into the mouth more fully, enhancing fullness and smoothness of mouthfeel. There are also many specially designed coffee cups that offer unexpected flavor experiences.


7. 喜歡的手沖咖啡場景:

7. Favorite Settings for Pour-Over Coffee:

Do you prefer brewing coffee at home or enjoying pour-over coffee in cafes? Brewing coffee for yourself can evoke different feelings depending on your mood, and although each cup may taste different, it has its own unique flavor. Watching baristas brew coffee in cafes adds a sense of professionalism and aesthetic enjoyment, where you can savor not only the coffee but also the atmosphere and aroma of the cafe.


8. 咖啡豆的保存:

8. Storing Coffee Beans:

Do you have any special ways to store specialty coffee beans to ensure flavor preservation? The hallmark of specialty coffee is its rich flavor profile. Properly storing coffee beans can effectively slow down the degradation of flavors. Storing coffee beans in bags with one-way valves and avoiding exposure to sunlight and moisture is the most effective method of preservation.


9. 探索新產地的咖啡:

9. Exploring Coffee from New Origins:

Have you discovered any new origin coffee beans that left a strong impression on you? While Ethiopia is a common origin, the Geisha variety is less common; Colombia is a major coffee-producing country, but beans processed using unique methods like rum barrel aging are quite special; Panama is renowned for its Geisha variety, with award-winning estate-produced Geisha coffee being of particularly high quality and unique flavor.


10. 手沖咖啡與放鬆:

10. Pour-Over Coffee and Relaxation:

Do you find the process of pour-over coffee to be a relaxing experience, or do you focus more on enhancing taste? Pour-over coffee takes a bit of time, and the process seems to naturally relax with the rhythm of breathing. However, starting out with hand brewing requires attention to timing, water volume, coffee-to-water ratio, etc., which can make you feel inexplicably nervous, as if conducting an experiment. Perhaps relaxing and letting go could unexpectedly make the coffee taste even sweeter and more enjoyable.



These topics can spark in-depth discussions, allowing you and your family and friends to delve into the world of pour-over coffee. As you share experiences and insights, while enjoying coffee and discussing it, have a wonderful Lunar New Year celebration!




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