流行趨勢-SOE咖啡是什麼? Trend Alert - What Is SOE Coffee?


SOE咖啡是「Single Origin Espresso」的縮寫,意指 單一產地義式濃縮咖啡。在SOE興起以前,濃縮咖啡市場是以「混合產地配方豆」為大宗,而近年隨著精品咖啡的流行,能夠更明確地表達出咖啡風味、有著鮮明特色的SOE咖啡,越來越受到歡迎,逐漸成為了一種新興選擇。

SOE coffee stands for "Single Origin Espresso," which refers to espresso made from beans sourced from a single region. Before the rise of SOE, the espresso market primarily consisted of blends from various regions. However, with the popularity of specialty coffee in recent years, SOE coffee, which offers distinct and unique flavor profiles, has gained traction and become a burgeoning choice.



Single-origin coffee beans are renowned for their unique flavor characteristics, influenced by factors such as the soil, climate, altitude, and processing methods of their place of origin. They are best enjoyed on their own, making them particularly suitable for pour-over coffee methods. However, in the context of espresso, blended coffee beans have traditionally been favored. Espresso demands a balance of sweetness, crema, acidity, and body. While many single-origin coffees can produce excellent espresso, they may lack in certain aspects. Imagine a coffee with an incredibly sharp lemony note in your cup – it could be astonishing but also startlingly sour and astringency.



Espresso extraction amplifies the essence of coffee, using high-temperature pressurized water to pass through finely ground coffee like a magnifying glass. Exposing the nuanced aromas of coffee beans to extreme extraction parameters often exaggerates whatever flavor essence already exists.



Blended espresso has long been a secret formula among roasters, offering only vague hints about the coffee's composition. Although many roasters now provide more open information about the components of their blends, it can still be challenging to pinpoint which beans contribute to the flavors on your palate. The key advantage of single-origin espresso is a more precise understanding of flavor sources, such as the dazzling floral notes of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe or the pronounced sweetness of Brazil's Fazenda Ipanema. Crafting espresso from a single source allows these unique and outstanding characteristics to shine.



For coffee enthusiasts who appreciate distinct and delightful flavors, SOE can offer a truly memorable espresso experience. The choice between single-origin and blended espresso depends on personal preferences and what one values most in their coffee. Some prefer the unique and unforgettable flavors of single-origin espresso, while others appreciate the mellowness and balance of espresso blends.




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