AA 咖啡豆 AA Coffee Beans

AA 是指咖啡生豆以大小分級中最大顆的等級,常以此來分級的地區是肯亞或新幾內亞從大到小依序是AA、AB、PB等

AA refers to the largest size grading in the classification of coffee beans. This grading system is commonly used in regions such as Kenya or Papua New Guinea. The sizes, from largest to smallest, are AA, AB, PB, and so on.



AA beans fall within the size range of 17-18 screen size. They can pass through a sieve with an 18/64-inch diameter (approximately 7.20 mm) but cannot pass through a sieve with a 16/64-inch diameter. This classification is known as AA.



AB is a mixture of A beans from the 16/64-inch screen and B beans from the 15/64-inch screen. These two sizes are combined and sold together, hence the term AB. The majority of coffee beans fall into this category.



PB refers to peaberries, which are smaller, rounder beans. Normally, a coffee cherry contains two coffee beans, but in the case of peaberries, there is only one bean in the cherry.



There are also less common grades such as E (larger elephant beans) and C (ranging from 12/64 to 14/64-inch screen size).



The size of the beans is not an absolute indicator of coffee quality. However, larger beans are often perceived as more precious. It's worth trying Kenyan AA coffee and savoring its unique flavors.




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