Ninety plus


Ninety plus (90+)是國際享譽盛名的咖啡生豆公司,以提供稀有和獨特的咖啡生豆聞名世界。在 巴拿馬 和 衣索比亞 都有咖啡莊園,致力於與大自然建立關係,保護生物多樣性、修復損壞的生態系統。挑戰傳統咖啡櫻桃加工方法,以創新處理法來創造卓越的品味體驗。

Ninety Plus (90+) is an internationally renowned coffee bean company, celebrated for providing rare and unique coffee beans worldwide. With coffee estates in both Panama and Ethiopia, they are dedicated to establishing a relationship with nature, protecting biodiversity, and restoring damaged ecosystems. They challenge traditional coffee cherry processing methods, employing innovative techniques to create an exceptional taste experience.


在全球各地大大小小的咖啡比賽看到Ninety plus得獎的蹤跡,像2017年世界咖啡沖煮大賽,由台灣選手王策以90+藝妓為自選豆,最終拿下年度冠軍。

Ninety Plus has left its mark on coffee competitions worldwide, such as the 2017 World Coffee Brewing Championship, where Taiwanese competitor Chad Wang used 90+ Geisha as the chosen bean and ultimately secured the championship.


90+巴拿馬的莊園在巴魯火山(Volcán Barú)附近,位於加勒比海和太平洋之間的獨特地帶上,獨特的微型氣候,產出優質的咖啡。

The 90+ estate in Panama is situated near Volcán Barú, creating a unique microclimate in the region positioned between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, resulting in the production of high-quality coffee.




✔ 堅持新鮮烘焙 ✔ 堅持篩豆 再烘焙 ✔ 堅持使用莊園咖啡
➤ 專業烘焙帶出咖啡多元又豐沛的個性
➤ CQI Q Grader咖啡品質鑑定師,親自杯測品鑑,為您把關每一杯咖啡
➤ 單一莊園咖啡 具風味、層次佳

✔ Stick to fresh roasting ✔ Stick to sieving and roasting ✔ Stick to estate coffee
➤ Professional roasting brings out the diverse and rich personality of coffee
➤ CQI Q Grader coffee quality appraisers, personally cupping and evaluate, check every cup of coffee for you
➤ Single-origin coffee with good flavor and structures