近年來精品咖啡市場發生了什麼變化? What Are the Changes in the Specialty Coffee Market in Recent Years?


In 2022, the global specialty coffee market reached a scale of US $21.916 billion, and it is expected to reach US $51.404 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.3% from 2023 to 2030. The market expansion is anticipated to be driven by the growing preference for ready-to-drink coffee and high-quality coffee, and the number of coffee shops is expected to continuously increase globally.



The increasing demand for specialty coffee can be attributed to various factors, including a desire for a high-quality and delicious coffee experience, as well as a growing awareness of ethical and sustainable sourcing practices. With the continuous flourishing of coffee culture, consumers are seeking unique experiences, making specialty coffee shops and cafes popular social destinations. Health-conscious individuals are also drawn to specialty coffee, which often uses higher quality coffee beans and more refined roasting processes. Social media further enhances people's interest in specialty coffee by showcasing new products and trends.



In many countries around the world, despite having a smaller market size, the consumption of specialty coffee is rapidly growing. According to the National Coffee Data Trends Specialty Coffee Breakthrough Report released by the National Coffee Association in the United States, 52% of U.S. consumers aged 18 or older reported drinking specialty coffee in the previous week. This percentage increased to 62% among individuals aged 25 to 39. Consequently, the consumption of specialty coffee in the United States this year has reached its highest level in five years.



The global specialty coffee market, while much smaller than the commercial coffee market, exhibits a faster growth rate, especially in mature markets such as North America, Western Europe, Australia, and East Asia.



Taking the United States as an example, in 2022, research from the National Coffee Association found that coffee consumption reached its highest level in 20 years. Concurrently, 43% of surveyed consumers stated that they had consumed specialty coffee beverages in the past day. This represents a 20% increase from January 2021. Moreover, projections indicate that the North American specialty coffee market is expected to grow by 20% by 2030, making it the fastest-growing market globally.



Similar to the United States, Europe is one of the most significant consumer markets globally, with a continuous increase in the number of specialty coffee shops and roasteries. Currently, Europe holds the largest share in the global specialty coffee market, accounting for approximately 46.2%. Furthermore, its market growth is expected to increase by 9% by 2026.



Meanwhile, the specialty coffee market in the Asia-Pacific region is experiencing rapid growth, with an anticipated annual growth rate of 15.3% from now until 2030.


過去十年左右,全球精品咖啡行業發生了許多變化。與此相適應,消費者行為也發生了變化。「Covid-19不一定會改變美國人消費咖啡的數量,但更重要的是改變地點和方式。」William Bill Murray是國家咖啡協會的主席兼CEO如此表示。在疫情最嚴重的時候,全球約95%的咖啡店被迫暫時關門。自然地,消費者開始在家準備更多的咖啡。

Over the past decade or so, the global specialty coffee industry has undergone many changes. Adapting to this, consumer behavior has also shifted. "Covid-19 may not necessarily change the amount of coffee Americans consume, but more importantly, it changes where and how." This was stated by William Bill Murray, the President and CEO of the National Coffee Association. At the height of the pandemic, about 95% of coffee shops worldwide were temporarily forced to close. Naturally, consumers started preparing more coffee at home.


「過去五年最顯著的變化之一是對高品質咖啡的需求不斷增長,對於精品咖啡消費者來說,直接貿易、可追溯性和風味特徵都變得更加重要。」Anne-Marie Roorda是發展中國家進口促進中心的PM如此表示。

"One of the most significant changes in the past five years is the continuous growth in demand for high-quality coffee. For specialty coffee consumers, direct trade, traceability, and flavor profiles have become increasingly important," said Anne-Marie Roorda, from the Developing Countries Import Promotion Center.



As quality and convenience remain primary factors in coffee consumer purchasing decisions, the specialty coffee industry has seen other important emerging trends. Now, the variety of beverages offered by coffee shops is more diverse than ever, especially with iced coffee drinks. "Ten years ago, cold brew coffee was first added to the U.S. coffee data trend report, almost an unknown brewing method, but now it is the third most popular brewing method in the United States," Bill said.



At the same time, we see other ready-to-drink coffee items gaining popularity, such as flavored options, beverages with functional ingredients, and plant-based drinks.



With an increasing emphasis on precision, as people appreciate the craftsmanship and skill in roasting and brewing coffee, more consumers are becoming interested in coffee education.



Ultimately, more consumers want to know where their coffee comes from, experience different flavors and aromas in coffee, and learn how to achieve the best results when brewing coffee at home.



"One of the major driving factors could be the increasing awareness of the health benefits of coffee," suggested Bill. "Many independent scientific studies conducted over the past few decades indicate that drinking coffee is beneficial to health."


Anne-Marie說:「歐洲消費者越來越關注食品對其健康和福祉的影響。根據咖啡科學信息研究所 (ISIC)的數據,2021年「喝咖啡對健康的好處」的全球在線搜索量增加了650%。

Anne-Marie said, "European consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of food on their health and well-being. According to data from the International Coffee Science Information Center (ISIC), the global online search volume for 'benefits of drinking coffee for health' increased by 650% in 2021."

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