Estate Specialty Coffee [JUSTIN COFFEE] (230g) Coffee Beans [of your choice] Geisha/Alishan/Yirgacheffe/Panama, etc. - freshly roasted. This page is convenient for buying a variety of coffee beans all at once

✔ Insist on fresh roasting, insist on coffee bean screening. ✔ Insist on estate coffee. ✔ CQI international coffee quality appraiser quality control.
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加入最愛 已銷售: 14 件 此商品 「 最高 」可以折抵紅利 3500 點 (約等於 NT$3,500 )

Estate specialty coffee, half-pound (230g) of coffee beans

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke G1 Washed│Light Roast
▶ Fragrant lemon, floral aroma, citrus fruit, caramel, honey, with a geisha-like flavor, creamy texture, and a finish of citrus with floral notes."
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Worka SPP: Marta Alemu G1 Natural│Light Roast
▶ Pineapple, lychee, black currant, wine, maple syrup, mellow and viscous with a tropical fruit finish."
Ethiopia Guji Hambella Buku Sayisa G1 Natural│Light Roast
▶ Mandarin orange, lemon sugar, berry notes, subtle floral fragrance, mellow taste, with a sweet and tangy tangerine finish."


Ethiopia Gesha Village Series│Light Roast

Ethiopia Gesha Village Oma Gesha 1931 Washed RARITIES
▶ Ginger flower, honey, sweet orange, juicy sensation, bright and mellow orange acidity, with a lingering sweet orange blossom finish."
Ethiopia Gesha Village Surma Gesha 1931 Natural RARITIES
▶ Jasmine, sweet orange, peach, juicy sensation, sweet and full-bodied, with a peach blossom fragrance."
Ethiopia Gesha Village Shewa-Jibabu Gori Gesha Mossto GROWERS-RESERVE
▶ Jasmine, lime, sweet orange, lychee, sweet and full-bodied, clean and bright, with a lime finish."
Ethiopia Gesha Village Shewa-Jibabu Gori Gesha Washed GROWERS-RESERVE
▶ Floral aroma, cherry, citrus, passionfruit, tropical fruits, clean and bright with a tea fragrance fihish"
Ethiopia Gesha Village Shewa-Jibabu Gori Gesha Natural GROWERS-RESERVE
▶ Jasmine, rose, passionfruit, peach, pomegranate, molasses, tropical fruit tea, good acidity, with a lingering floral finish."
Ethiopia Gesha Village Shewa-Jibabu Gori Gesha Natural SINGLE-TERROIR
▶ Jasmine, orange, berries, floral honey fragrance, creamy texture, clean and bright, with a floral honey and orange finish."
Ethiopia Gesha Village Bangi Gori Gesha Natural SINGLE-TERROIR
▶ Tropical fruits, grapes, berries, honey, kumquat jam, sweet lemon, clean and smooth with a lingering finish."
Ethiopia Gesha Village Shaya Gori Gesha Natural SINGLE-TERROIR
▶ Peach, berries, apricot, high-mountain black tea, juicy sensation, sweet and full-bodied."
Ethiopia Gesha Village Shaya Gori Gesha Washed SINGLE-TERROIR
▶ Floral aroma, lychee, apple, sugar, light body, clean and bright acidity, with an apple sugar sweetness finish.


Ethiopia Sidamo Bensa Hamasho G1 Washed│Light Roast
▶ Rich lemon ripe fruit, grapefruit, Earl Grey tea, osmanthus, brown sugar,grapefruit and berry sweet finish, cranberry juice, bright acidity, with a smooth and elegant taste.
Ethiopia Guji Uraga Lecho Torka G1 2500M Washed│Light Roast
▶ Flower, lime, honey-infused black tea, sugarcane juice, sweet orange, with a sweet and fragrant honey tea finish, juicy and soft, rich and varied aroma, every breath is the fragrance of high-mountain black tea.
Ethiopia Guji Uraga High Altitude 2300M G1 Red Honey│Light Roast
▶ Maple syrup, sweet plum, jujube, honey citron tea, full-bodied and rich, juicy, with a sweet and fragrant berry jam finish.

Ethiopia Kochere Hama Jet Washing Station G1 Honey│Light Roast
▶ Maple syrup, honey, honey-infused black tea, floral aroma, strong body, lingering honey tea sensation, rich sweetness, very clean

Ethiopia Geisha Abdi Jibril Anaerobic Natural│Light Roast
▶ Strawberry, wine-like aroma, jack fruit, cherry, peach, candy-like sweetness, tropical fruit tea with a long lingering finish.

Ethiopia Guji Hambella G1 Carbonic Natural│Light Roast
▶ Port wine flavor, tropical fruits, dried pineapple, orange chocolate, well structured, rich and sweet

Ethiopia Gediyo Yirgacheffe Elatenecha Ama Commitment Burtukan Geremu G1 Natural│Light Roast
▶ Blackberry, citrus, green apple, caramel, rich sweetness, orange candy aroma finish, mellow and smooth, lingering orange fragrance aftertaste.

Ethiopia Gediyo Yirgacheffe Gedeb Chelbesa Abera Gole Teshome G1 Premium Slow Dry Natural│Light Roast
▶ Lemon, lychee, sweet peach, dark berries, rich sweetness, mellow and full-bodied texture, juicy and sweet lemon, sweet tea aroma finish.

Ethiopia Guji Uraga Tome G1 Wine Process Washed│Light Roast
▶ Tropical fruits, berries, juicy peaches, elegant and delicate floral aroma, wine-like notes, full-bodied with structures.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gargari Washed - T.O.H No.5│Light Roast
▶Floral aroma, sweet orange, black cherry, tropical fruits, sweet peach sensation, high-mountain black tea aftertaste, bright acidity, full-bodied

Ethiopia Guji Uraga Bara Fuad 74112 COE #24 G1 Natural│Light Roast
▶ Blueberry, grape, lemon, passionfruit, papaya, rose tea, bright acidity, sweet fragrance

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha G1 Washed│Light Roast
▶ Fragrant lemon, orange essential oil, jasmine aroma, lingering peachy aftertaste.

Ethiopia Gediyo Yirgacheffe Worka G1 Washed│Light Roast
▶ Lychee, citrus, floral notes, grapefruit, black tea. Refreshing, delicate, and rich in structures.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Banko Gotiti SPP:Kefyalew Moshe G1 Natural│Light Roast
▶ Strawberry, blood orange, sweet peach, creamy texture, delicate, and pleasant sweetness.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe T.O.H Champion Adoris limited edition Natural│Light Roast
▶ Purple grapes with sweet and sour taste, berry notes, white brandy aroma, bright acidity, and rich structures.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha G1 Natural│Light Roast
▶ Purple rose aroma, cherries, Swiss candy, tropical fruits, with a bright finish.

Ethiopia Limu Kossa Geshe Estate Natural│Light Roast
▶ Berries, grapes, pineapple, mango, honey, full-bodied, earl grey tea finish

Ethiopia Gesha Village Oma Gesha 1931 Natural RARITIES │Light Roast
▶ Jasmine, tropical fruits, peach, apple, refreshing finish, pleasantly sweet

Ethiopia Guji Hambella Buke Abel G1 Anaerobic Natural│Light Roast
▶Vibrant floral aroma, honey, subtle whiskey notes, fruit gummies, rich and delicate structures.

Ethiopia Gediyo Yirgacheffe Kochere Beloya G1 Washed│Light Roast
▶ Rose petals, peach, honey lemon, with a lingering sweet and citrusy floral finish.

Ethiopia Guji Uraga Mini Fruit Bomb Special Natural│Light Roast
▶ Berries, peaches, perfumed lemon, rich fruit aroma, sweet honey finish

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gelana Abaya G1 Washed│Light Roast
▶ Fragrant lily, peach, lychee, delicate and clean acidity, long and smooth sweet aftertaste.

Ethiopia Sidama Bensa Dembi Station G1 Anaerobic Natural│Light Roast
▶Strawberry, passion fruit, cocktail, wine, pineapple. Sweet, juicy and lingering.

Ethiopia Sidamo Bensa Bona Qiqe G1 Washed│Light Roast
▶Sweet orange, white grape juice, creamy, smooth, sweet and juicy.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G1 Natural │Light Roast
▶ Vanilla, citrus, caramel, rich fruitiness, and a well-developed sweetness


Taiwan Alishan Ching Ye Coffee Estate Geisha Natural │Light Roast
▶ Strawberry, fruit liquor, floral notes, matured mango, sweet and mellow

Taiwan Alishan Ching Ye Coffee Estate Natural│Light Roast
▶ Blueberry, strawberry jam, pineapple, passion fruit, longan, red wine

Taiwan Alishan Ching Ye Coffee Estate Washed  │Light Roast
▶ Citrus, asparagus juice, tomato, almond, peach, grapefruit

Taiwan Alishan Ching Ye Coffee Estate Honey │Light Roast
▶ Floral honey, lychee, yuzu tea, jujube, smoked plum


Kenya Embu Kirimiri Forest AA TOP Washed│Medium Roast
▶ Smoked plum, blueberry, mellow sweetness, with a lingering finish of smoked plum fragrance, clean taste.
Kenya Embu Kirimiri Forest AA TOP Washed│Light Roast
▶ Jasmine flower fragrance, blueberry, smoked plum, sugarcane, full-bodied, with a sweet and lingering finish of smoked plum fragrance.

Kenya AA FAQ Washed│Dark Roast
▶ smoked plum fragrance, mellow taste, with a sweet aftertaste.

Kenya AA FAQ Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Smoked plum, smoked plum wine aroma, with a black currant finish, full-bodied, balanced acidity and sweetness

Kenya Kiambu Ritho Wamuguma AB Washed│Light Roast
▶ Floral honey, orange, fresh white floral aroma, balanced acidity and sweetness, delicate acidity, melllow and smooth mouthfeel.

Kenya Kiambu Gititu AA TOP Washed│Light Roast
▶ Blackcurrant, sugarcane, longan, smoked plum, dried fruits, lingering finish.

Kenya Nyeri Asali AA TOP Washed  │Light Roast
▶ Berry, grapefruit aroma, honey, caramel


Indonesia Sumatra Aceh Gayo Golden Mandheling SC20+ Semi-washed │Medium Roast
▶ Caramel, cream, light herbs, sweet nutty aroma, rich and mellow

Indonesia Sumatra P.W.N Mandheling G1 TP SC17/18 Semi-washed │Medium Roast
▶ Brown sugar, cream, spices, rich and mellow


Papua New Guinea Western Highlands Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Grape, black tea, walnut, brown sugar


Brasil Ipanema Premier Cru Series│Light-Medium Roast

BLUE B34 Tropical Fruits Natural
▶ Tropical fruits, peach, grapes, bright and tangy citrus acidity, delicate body, a long-lasting sweet aftertaste

GOLD B23 Orange Blossom Natural
▶ Orange blossom, floral notes, juice-like, bright and mellow cidity, good sweetness, full-bodied, with a sweet and fruity aftertaste.

BLACK C06 Red Fruits Anaerobic
▶ Red Fruits, cherry, full-bodied sweetness, clean and bright body, with a long-lasting sweet aftertaste


Brazil São Paulo Alta Mogiana Sugar Roll Pulped Natural│Medium Roast
▶ Cheese, raw cocoa, macadamia nuts, cream, brown sugar

Brazil Mogiana Rainha Farm Natural│Medium Roast.
▶chocolate, hazelnut, nuts, brown sugar, cream, balanced and smooth

Brasil Ipanema Dulce Natural │Medium Roast
▶ Cocoa, cream, chocolate, berry, full-bodied with a rich sweetness.


Colombia Cauca El Magdal Alexander Wine Process Natural│Light-Medium Roast
▶Papaya, ripe fruits, fruit wine, brandied cherries, rose petals, full-bodied, cherry chocolate finish.

Colombia Narino La Minita Reserva del Patron Washed│Medium Roast
▶Cocoa, brown sugar, cream, citrus, full-bodied with a rich and creamy texture, mellow and lingering aroma finish.

Colombia Huila Monteblanco Estate Geisha Ice Fermentation Washed│Light Roast
▶白百合, Fragrant lemon, passionfruit, Bergamot, peach, bright acidity, clear and sweet..

※ Colombia Caldas Finca San Jose Geisha Rum Barrel Washed│Light Roast
▶ Rose, red wine, peach schnapps, alpine strawberry, musk grape

※ Colombia Caldas Finca San Jose Rum Barrel Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Rum, tequila, green apple, grape, lime, cocoa


Guatemala Huehutenango Washed │Light Roast
▶ Citrus, honey, fruit juice, balanced acidity and mellow taste

Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona Washed │Light Roast
▶ Fruity floral aroma, chocolate, crème brûlée, and a lingering maple finish


Salvador Ahuachapan El Guarumal Anaerobic Natural│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Tropical fruits, dark berries, dried longan, juicy and sweet with a fruity finish

Salvador Ahuachapan Finca El Horno Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Nuts, plum, caramel, chocolate, clean finish,  smooth and mellow taste

El Salvador Finca Santa Elena Bourbon Natural│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Berries, grapes, pineapple, tropical fruit, creamy texture, mellow and viscous.

El Salvador Finca Santa Elena Bourbon Honey│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Yellow plum, maple syrup, honey dates, cocoa, creamy texture, mellow and viscous body.

El Salvador Finca Santa Elena Bourbon Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Jasmine, sweet peach, white grape juice, well-balanced, delicate and clean.

El Salvador Finca Santa Elena El Corozo Geisha Natural│Light Roast
▶ Strawberry, tropical fruits, fruit gummies, full-bodied sweetness, mellow, long-lasting finish.


Costa Rica El Pilon Cafe DON CHEPE Black Honey│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Dried pineapple, brown sugar, black tea, ripe apple, canistel fruit, caramel, rich cocoa finish.
Costa Rica San Ramon Hummingbird Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Floral aroma, maple syrup, hazelnut, berry acidity, sweetness, caramel chocolate, walnut, delicate and clean, with a berry finish.

Costa Rica Tres Rios La Minita La Magnolia Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶Plum, sugarcane, honey, smooth and delicate body, bright acidity with woody notes.

※ Costa Rica Canet Musician Series Mozart Raisin Honey│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Strawberry, apple, rose, honey, maple syrup, dark chocolate, sweet and rich

※ Costa Rica Canet Musician Series Chopin Raisin Honey│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Rose, wine grape, cherry, blackberry, osmanthus, mellow and smooth

※ Costa Rica Brunca Rivense La Guaca Passion Honey│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Flowers, violet, passion fruit, fruity alcoholic aroma.


Panama NINETY PLUS Lot 0423 Geisha Special Honey Process│Light Roast
▶ Honey apple, floral honey, orange, brown sugar, bright berry acidity, with a tea-like body, sweetness, and with a floral orange-apple fragrant honey finish.
Panama Carmen Estates Geisha Semi Washed│Light Roast
▶ White pomelo, bergamot, lychee, jasmine, with a white pomelo floral fragrance finsih, rich sweetness, delicate acidity, smooth and dense.
Panama Carmen Estates Geisha Natural│Light Roast
▶ Peach, sweet orange, orange blossom, white pomelo, with an apple and red tea finish, juicy and sweet, bright and mellow acidity.
Panama Boquete Casa Ruiz Washed│Medium Roast
▶ Chocolate, nuts, honey, citrus, smooth and mellow, with a chocolate orange finish and a clean balance.
Panama La Esmeralda Diamond Mountain Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Yellow lemon, orange juice, tangerine, maple syrup, good juice sensation, well-structured taste, with a juicy and lingering fruit finish.

Panama Boquete Lerida Estate Ronella Geisha Washed│Light Roast
▶ Jasmine, ginger flower, grapefruit, honey, full-bodied and smooth, floral and sweet aroma finish.

Panama Finca Hartmann Maragogipe Washed│Medium Roast
▶Sweet melon flavor, orange, hawthorn, apple, sugarcane, black tea, creamy smooth texture..

Panama La Esmeralda Private Collection Geisha Natural│Light Roast
▶ Strawberry, sweet orange, peach, red grape, viscous and smooth texture, sweet and juicy

Panama La Esmeralda Private Collection Geisha Washed │Light Roast
▶ Jasmine, bergamot, sweet peach, yellow lemon, pleasant sweetness, clean and delicate

Panama Finca la Aurora Geisha Washed │Light Roast
▶ Ginger flower, citrus, orange peel, full body, Juicy fruit flavor


Honduras El Retono Honey│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Floral aroma, black sugar, citrus, mixed berries, rich and juicy, lingering honey aftertaste.


Lao Bolaven Plateau Java Semi-Washed The 2022 Pacific Rim Coffee Summit Commemorative Coffee Collection │Light-Medium Roast
▶White flowers, yellow lemon, milk cocoa, maple syrup, sweet and balanced acidity


Peru Cajamarca Aprocassi Cooperative La Estrella G1 Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶Citrus, caramel, orange peel, clean and bright, good finesse


Rwanda WPR Nyamasheke Kilimbi A1 Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Orange, smoked plum, caramel, delicate floral aroma, smooth and creamy mouthfeel


Uganda Bugisu AA Washed│Medium Roast
▶Chocolate, sugar, fig, sweet coconut, rich and full-bodied, gentle acidity, honey caramel aroma finish.


Jamaica Blue Mountain Amber Estate No.1 Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Orange, maple syrup, cream, citrus acidity, delicate and viscous, with a maple citrus fragrance in the finish.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Clydesdale Estate No.1 Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶Hazelnut, malt sugar, dark chocolate, mellow and full-bodied, caramel chocolate finish, clean balance.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Silver Hill Estate No.1 Washed│Light-Medium Roast
▶Brown sugar, caramel, licorice, cashew, high richness, floral undertones, clean and perfectly balanced syrupy finish.

India Chikkamagaluru Bababudangiri Black Honey│Light-Medium Roast
▶ Yellow plum, almond, floral aroma, orange, papaya, caramel, milk chocolate, bright acidity with a sweet sensation, sugar fragrance finish.


Premium Blend Specialty Coffee  │Light Roast-Light-Medium Roast
※ Winey Blend Specialty Coffee ▶ Tropical Fruit Wine, Strawberry, Ripe Pineapple, Grape Wine Aroma, Rich and Smooth Taste
Flowery Blend Specialty Coffee ▶ Charming Floral Aroma, Peach, Citrus, Honey, Fruity and Bright Acidity, Sweet, Delicate and Elegant Mouthfeel
※ Fruity Blend Specialty Coffee ▶ Tropical Fruit, Floral Aroma, Berries, Toffee, Syrupy MouthfeelCocoa Blend Specialty Coffee ▶ Nuts, Chocolate Milk, Maple Syrup, Crème Brûlée, Caramel, Rich and Sweet, Full-bodied Mouthfeel

Please note: Characteristics of coffee bean appearance.
Beans marked with ※ indicate special processing methods, and their raw bean color may not be consistent, resulting in inconsistent color after roasting. Please understand this before placing your order.



Flavor of Coffee
The various nutritional components in coffee beans undergo thermal degradation during roasting, producing various aroma molecules that create the flavor profile similar to different fragrances. Good coffee beans have a naturally rich aroma and undergo various natural aroma changes at high, medium, and low temperatures, making it very pleasant and worth savoring.

Coffee originated in Ethiopia, Africa. The regions suitable for coffee cultivation around the world are between 25 degrees north and south latitude, including the equator. Coffee plantations require an annual rainfall of 1500-2000 millimeters and must be coordinated with the flowering cycle of the coffee tree. The conditions for cultivating high-quality coffee are quite strict, and the way the coffee beans are harvested and processed will affect the coffee quality. Justin Coffee carefully selects world-renowned producing areas and insists on producing coffee from high-quality single estates to give you the best coffee flavor!

Coffee trees, belonging to the genus Coffea of the family Rubiaceae, are evergreen trees. Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee tree fruit, and there are three major varieties: Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica. Specialty coffee in the world comes from the Arabica variety, and Justin Coffee selects various Arabica varieties to make coffee and prints the bean information on the packaging for you to know which variety you are tasting. Although the flavor can vary due to multiple factors, at least we can have a taste of the diverse world of coffee varieties.

Coffee processing refers to the process of turning ripe red fruit into dried green coffee beans. Each processing method has its own pros and cons and is influenced by the natural environment and needs of the producing region. Therefore, each region has its own suitable processing method.

【Natural/Sundried/Dry Processed】
The collected coffee fruits are dried in the sun and then dehusked. The long exposure to sunlight allows the beans to absorb the flavors of the skin and flesh, resulting in a fuller sweetness and richness, and a unique aroma.

【Honey/Pulped Natural/Semi-dry Process】
After removing the skin and pulp, the fruit pectin is left on the beans and dried in the sun. The fruit pectin layer retains a high proportion of sugar and acidity, which is the key to the honey processing method, producing a flavor between the natural and washed methods.

【Washed/Wet Processed】
After removing the skin and pulp, the beans are fermented in water in a fermentation tank to remove the remaining fruit pection on the beans. They are then washed with water and have a rich acidity.


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